System Introduction

Entrant Perspective


Judge Perspective


Revision of the Entrant look and feel.

This includes:

  • Update of the login and setup screens,
  • Addition of the Olympus logo,
  • Revised button placement
  • Revised data capture after creating and account
  • Streamlined login and account creation
  • Accelerated performance with revised page load method...

SEO and Social Media

  1.  I have updated some of the meta tags, but it would help you if you update the ‘business’ and complete any information you can in the set up. - all under the setting s part of your website.
  2.  Link your Instagram as social media… 
  3. Link your email as a social- Done...
  4. Put in Business Info
  5. Link to Olympus (Are they announcing the competition - if so link to the announcement) Link several times to Olympus pages - eg the prize, Anything Olympus says abut street photography etc.
  6. Decide if you want to display social media icons eg in the footer
  7. Imperrative:  Get Olympus to create an announcement / blog entry that links to your site.  As many links from Olympus as possible.
  8. Brilliant SEO demystification PDF - Click here to download!
  9. Video below about linking your instagram account.