Sorry, the competition is now closed. The SPi Awards will be back in 2019.

Welcome to the Street Photography International Street Awards,
sponsored by Leica Camera.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to win a month long solo exhibition in the prestigious Leica Studio S, London, and the superb Leica Q, a dream camera for street photography.

The twenty finalists we choose will enjoy a month long group exhibition in the Leica Café in Mayfair.

Our co sponsors are Billingham and Angelo Pelle. They will be providing all finalists and the winner with amazing camera accessories. The winner will also receive the brand new Billingham Hadley Small Pro.

The winner and finalists will also enjoy a takeover of the SPi Instagram feed.

To make this competition fully inclusive, we are only charging £2 per photograph entered.

We want to see your best work. This is your chance to have it in front of the global Street Photography community.

SPi Collective

Midnight GMT
17th June 2018

Leica Q with Leica Summilux 28mm f1.7 ASPH

Leica Q with Leica Summilux 28mm f1.7 ASPH

The Leica Studio S

The Leica Studio S


Our Sponsors

Leica have been redefining tradition for more than a century with innovative cameras that concentrate on the essence of photography – the image. The Leica Q is no different. It is the perfect instrument to realise your photographic ambitions and capture the decisive moments in your life.

Whether your subject involves depth of field, an available-light situation or a macro photography shot, the Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. provides everything you need to express yourself photographically. Its classic 28mm focal length is perfect for street, architectural and landscape photography. Its lens, the fastest in its class, combined with a specially designed 24 MP CMOS full-frame sensor, provides detailed images of unsurpassed quality: up to ISO 50,000.

The Billingham Hadley Small Pro

The Billingham Hadley Small Pro

The Exhibition Space

The Leica Gallery in Mayfair has shown the work of many iconic names in the photography world including Jacob Aue Sol, Stuart Franklin and Bruce Gilden.
Angelo Pelle Straps

Angelo Pelle Straps


Our Co-Sponsors

The Street awards have been co sponsored by Billingham Bags and by camera accessory artisan Angelo Pelle. Both companies produce outstanding high quality equipment. We are giving away bags and straps to the winner and chosen finalists.

“The SPi awards have been such an amazing experience for me, the exposure was so much better than I could have expected and the camera I won is now my most precious possession. I’m curious to see who will win the next awards.”
Merel Schoneveld
SPi Street awards winner 2017


Some of last year's Winning Photos